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karen millen australia Contact: Devra PranskyThe Art Institutes(412) 995-7685 - Or Tammie RosenRubenstein Communications, Inc. (212) 843-8008 - trosen@rubensteinTHE TEEN FASHION INNOVATORS SEARCH BEGINS AT A CITY NEAR YOU!$230,000 in Scholarships to Students Who Want a Career inFashion Offered by The Art Institutes and ELLEgirlMagazinePITTSBURGH, (August 16, 2005) -- The search is on! The ArtInstitutes and ELLEgirl magazine are looking for highschool seniors who dream about a career in fashion to enter the��Teen Fashion Innovators Search' and vie for $230,000 inscholarships.At each of the 16 participating Art Institute locations acrossNorth America, high school seniors can attend events to learnmore about the ��Teen Fashion Innovators Search' and how toenter. To find out about upcoming events at your local ArtInstitute, each worth more than $30,000, to study atThe Art Institute school of their choice. To enter, students must be a high school senior scheduled tograduate in 2006. In the Fashion Design category, each entrywill feature an original design by the student in the form of afinished garment or accessory. In the Fashion Marketing &Merchandising category, a finished product or plan must besubmitted.The Teen Fashion Innovator competition is a collaborationbetween The Art Institutes and ELLEgirl magazine toencourage young design talent. "Design classes in high schools have become career incubators,giving students the opportunity to hone in on what they're mostinterested in, whether it's fashion design, patternmaking ortextile design," said Bruce Dempsey, Assistant Vice President ofAcademic Affairs for The Art Institutes. "From there they cangrow that interest at design school, and turn that passion andhard work into a successful and rewarding career.",The winter fashion week is another month long of fashion relay which just got to an end, showing new, old and reinvented trends for the coming fall-winter season of 2014/2014,Fashion is something that cannot be ignored. It is part of everybody's life whether they realize it or not. People who claim to be ignoring fashion probably don't realize that by choosing the clothes they are wearing that they are part of the fashion game. There are some people who are serious fashion followers. They religiously purchase the fashion magazines, eagerly await Fashion Week and wait to see what the verdict will be for the trends for the coming seasons. Others could really care less about what the runways say and only purchase clothes because they have to have something to wear. North Face Black Friday Deals ted baker t shirts Breaking out of the Project Runway title, Christian Siriano's Fall 2014 collection at Lincoln Center during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week was an ode to petals, flower petals that is. A dark collection, some beautiful colors mixed in. Jackets, trousers, beautiful dresses and romantic prom gowns were super impressed. Today we would like to focus on prom dresses of this fantasy show. Fantasy Prom Dresses
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